As we enter week 6 of restrictions due to the COVID – 19 crisis, we are reminded in the East Beaches of Lake Winnipeg of how lucky we are to be at a place of peace and beauty during these difficult times.  Although we are all social distancing, and being respectful of the rules, I still enjoy waving to friends and pausing for a 6 foot + chat at this magical place where people are still connected.  Hillside, Belair, Albert and Victoria Beach are places where quarantining can be cleansing rather than troubling – where nature and the beautiful lake act as a tonic for reflection and pause.

Anticipating that soon restrictions will be lifted and a new normal will emerge for everyone, we look forward to embracing a new era, where pause and reflection are part of our daily routine.

There is no better place than the East Beaches to incorporate a new, healthier pace into your life. Hillside Heights is the ideal development for cottage (home) lots to start your new journey.  Find the perfect natural setting in the boreal forests of Eastern Manitoba while enjoying lake views that fill your heart with joy.

We all look forward to the future. You deserve a future at Hillside Heights.