They’re back.

Pelican at the Lakeshore

The majesty and beauty of the American Pelican on the eastern beaches of Lake Winnipeg is a sign that summer is ready to begin. As the last remnants of white disappear into the blue waters, pelicans take flight, gliding over the expanse of beach and inland ocean across  Grand, Belair, Hillside, Albert and Victoria Beach. These icons of the big lake travel as far as Central America and back as part of their migration.  Surprisingly large, they appear awkward on land, but once their powerful wings deliver lift, your breath is taken away with their grace in the skies.

Glancing above the trees at Hillside Heights affords you a perfect window to welcome our friends back from the south.  Passing over the treetops, they begin to move closer to the shoreline, scanning the shallows for their next meal.

Living at Hillside Heights connects you with nature in all its splendour. Large cottage lots situated on the highest point in the region, affords lake views and a connection with all creatures.

Join us.  The summer awaits.