Light reflects off the wave tops.  Brilliant sparkles of bright that touch the soul.  There is something about the first expanse of open water sighted from the eastern shores of Lake Winnipeg. It fills the heart with joy.

The thick coat of winter is now almost entirely off. The white of the ice is now a half mile away.  Replaced with brilliant blue water that mirrors the sky above.  Pelicans are soaring.  Ducks are swimming. Life is now stirring and ready to break out to embrace the change of season.

You can’t get this in the city.  

That’s why so many of us have chosen the east beaches of Lake Winnipeg as our special retreat that replenishes our optimism of what life is really about.

Hillside Heights is the perfect paradise for you to come and enjoy the real peace that only a natural setting can bring. Close to Albert, Belair, Grand and Victoria Beach, there is as much activity or tranquility as you desire.

Your perfect cottage lot development awaits you.  Large lots, lake views, and clean air.

Come Love, Laugh and Live here.  Build your dream.