The dead of winter on the east side of Lake Winnipeg is filled with life.  One of the most noticeable are the deer that are native to the boreal forest that hugs the shores of the big lake north of Winnipeg.

Often you can view them in their winter coats in the thick cover around Hillside Heights as they try to keep out of the chilling wind.  Although the snow cover often is a couple of feet deep on the eastern beaches, the deer seem to flourish, nibbling on twigs or grasses to keep their fat up during the cold months.

Join us at Manitoba’s best cottage lot development and experience the joy of every season. The year round communities of Victoria, Albert, Hillside and Grand Beach continue to grow with residents that know that winter has a lot to offer. Find out for yourself – this mecca of snowmobiling, snow-shoeing, ice fishing and cross country skiing.  The deer sure like it here.

You will too.