As you finish your travels north through the Eastern Beaches, you make the turn off from Highway 59 onto Hillside Beach Road, and then you see in the distance a crest.  That crest is Hillside Heights.

As you begin the final gentle ascent to the top, you are greeted by a beautiful iconic sign that welcomes you to Manitoba’s premiere cottage lot development.  Turning in, you recognize that you are on a top of a plateau that peaks in the centre cul de sac.

It is there that you realize that by carving cottage lots out of this rugged jewel, that you are privileged to be a part of something special.

Through the trees, you catch glimpses of the beaches of Hillside and the beautiful waters of Lake Winnipeg. Close to Victoria, Albert, Belair and Grand Beach, this in less than an hour away from Winnipeg. If you’re like me, the road will always lead to Hillside Heights.

Love, Laugh and Live Here.