As I sit at the crest of Hillside Heights, I am taken aback by the quiet of my surroundings. And yet, I realize that the quiet is filled with sounds that I am not usually listening for.

I hear the different songs of the many birds that make their home as I do in the safety of the forest.  Their chorus washes over me, filling my heart with joy. In between the chirps, I hear the rustle of the emerging leaves as they are gently swayed by the steady breeze at the crest of the hill.

The sounds of nature are many at Hillside Heights

As I deepen my ability to listen, I hear the distant sound of rolling waves from majestic lake Winnipeg as they move steadily onto the shores of the pristine beaches of Hillside.

From any Hillside Heights cottage lots, the near quiet is filled with sounds. Sounds that nature intended to broadcast on this magnificent stage known as the East Beaches of Lake Winnipeg. Find out why Victoria Beach, Albert Beach, Belair, Traverse Bay, Grand Beach and Grand Marais are rising as a popular retreat for many seeking a better life experience.

The gem of all the eastern beaches is Hillside Heights.  Join us for Lakeview Living as its finest.